Michael Phelps channels Eminem on 'Lip Sync Battle'

Michael Phelps 8 Mile parody

Lip Sync Battle on Spike / YouTube

He lost himself.

Michael Phelps brought his game face as the lip-syncing legend went live on a special Lip Sync Battle.

While he may have pumped himself up to Future the night his face launched a thousand memes, it’s Eminem he channels in a rousing rendition of “Lose Yourself” complete with a hype crowd as well as a show of American patriotism—possibly a first for an Eminem song.

Although John Legend, Terry Crews, and Olivia Munn also put out strong performances, it's understandable to see why Phelps came out on top.

After 28 Olympic medals, winning a championship belt has to be icing on the cake.

H/T Billboard

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