Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh dabs onstage with Migos

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The most interesting football coach in the world.

You wouldn't necessarily expect to find one of the best-known college football coaches in the country at a Migos concert. But Michigan's Jim Harbaugh isn't like most other college football coaches.

He hasn't been afraid of ripping the NCAA for what he deems hypocrisy, he's instituted interesting recruiting methods (like, ahem, sleeping over at a potential Wolverines player's house to convince him to accept a scholarship to Michigan), and he's built the most romantic, platonic love affair with Judge Judy.

And apparently he loves a certain rap group from Atlanta. Which is apparently why he attended the Migos show in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Wednesday. Wearing his best-known outfit—khaki pants, sweatshirt, ballcap—Harbaugh was filmed onstage dabbing and strutting around like he owned the joint.

Harbaugh also hung out backstage where he was photographed wearing some impressive jewelry.


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All of which means that Harbaugh remains perhaps the most interesting coach in the NCAA, and even though he seems to court controversy wherever he goes, one thing remains clear.
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Judge Judy, Jim Harbaugh continue their platonic love affair
Jim Harbaugh has been a public fan of Judge Judy for quite some time. In 2013, the former 49ers and current University of Michigan football coach actually attended a taping of Judy Sheindlin's TV show, and proof exists below as Harbaugh, the second man on the right, wears a maniacal grin after Judge Judy predictably said something snarky.
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