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High school graduation ceremony in Wisconsin interrupted by student's father

Speculation, accusations swirl after video shows dad shoving superintendent at graduation ceremony

The incident was in reportedly in response to how the student had been bullied at school.

On Jun 6, 2024 by Tricia Crimmins

best coming of age movies

8 unexpected and inspirational coming-of-age films

From ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ to ‘Boyz N The Hood,’ there’s something on this list for everyone.

On Apr 30, 2024 by Avital Oehler

conspiracy theory movies

The Best Conspiracy Theory Movies

From ‘Wag the Dog’ to ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ we’ve got all the best conspiracy theory movies on this list for your next movie binge.

On Apr 7, 2024 by Avital Oehler

best 90s horror movies

The 13 Best ’90s Horror Movies

From ‘Army of Darkness’ to teen slashers like ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer,’ there’s something for everyone on this list.

On Mar 17, 2024 by Avital Oehler

drive away dolls geraldine beanie interview with geraldine viswanathan and beanie feldman

Geraldine Viswanathan and Beanie Feldstein on their new film, ‘Drive Away Dolls’

Ahead of the release of Ethan Coen’s “Drive Away Dolls,” stars Beanie Feldstein and Geraldine Viswanathan spoke to us about their roles.

On Feb 22, 2024 by Whitney Jefferson, Kyle Calise

generational memes ok boomer

Meme History: From ‘OK Boomer’ onward, generational memes really hit home

The idea that “parents just don’t understand” is not a new one.

On Feb 18, 2024 by Kyle Calise

galaxy brain meme on a purple background

Meme History: How a three-paneled meme featuring big brain energy became ‘Galaxy Brain’

It all started with the ‘whomst’ meme.

On Jan 14, 2024 by Kyle Calise

distracted boyfriend meme

Meme History: How a ‘distracted boyfriend’ went from a simple stock photo to an iconic meme

While many memes evolve slowly, the ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ meme seemed destined for instant fame.

On Jan 4, 2024 by Kyle Calise

crying jordan meme on a red meme background

Meme History: Why sad Michael Jordan is the MVP of crying memes

He’s more than just a logo, more than just an Internet meme.

On Jan 2, 2024 by Kyle Calise

kermit meme but that's none of my business

Meme History: How a tea commercial starring Kermit the Frog became the perfect reaction meme

Even LeBron James is posting Kermit memes.

On Dec 30, 2023 by Kyle Calise

spider-man pointing meme

Meme History: Spider-Man Pointing, a meme fifty years in the making

From a 1960’s cartoon show to meme we’re all familiar with online more than half a decade later.

On Dec 28, 2023 by Kyle Calise

TikTok Hits 2023: Sounds and Trends

Our favorite TikTok sounds from 2023

A nice, warm send-off to TikTok’s most popular sounds.

On Dec 27, 2023 by Avital Oehler

the dress meme black blue white gold

Meme History: How A Dress and Two Llamas Created the Best Day on the Internet

Roman Originals, the retailer of the dress, confirmed it was indeed black and blue.

On Dec 26, 2023 by Kyle Calise

doge memes

Meme History: The story behind Doge, the Internet’s most beloved dog

‘Such love, much wow.’

On Dec 24, 2023 by Kyle Calise

this is fine dog fire meme

Meme History: How the ‘This is Fine’ dog set the Internet on fire

The ‘This is Fine’ meme is one of the most widely recognizable memes online.

On Dec 22, 2023 by Kyle Calise

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