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Fan builds giant animatronic wings for ridiculously awesome League of Legends cosplay
It's his first cosplay ever, so no sense going all out, right?
winter solider British police respond to report of 'gunman', find Winter Soldier cosplayer
Can you really blame people for being scared of the Winter Soldier?
ryan reynolds Ryan Reynolds dressed up as Deadpool and built a kid superhero team on Halloween
Would you trust Deadpool to take your kids trick-or-treating?
harley quinn Harley Quinn was the most-Googled Halloween costume in 2015
She was even more popular than 'Star Wars.'
Stephen Colbert really sunk his teeth into this 'sexy teenage vampire' costume
He's got the look down, but it's those teeth that really bite.
Harry Potter meets 'The Craft' in this spooktacular Halloween cosplay
Goth-girl Wicca at Hogwarts and Jem and the X-Men are your new Halloween jam.