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Cosplayer creates awesome Pokémon and Disney-inspired swimsuit designs
Plus, see some never-before-shared designs.
taco belle dress 'Taco Belle' is a fast-food-loving, dress-wearing goddess
She is beauty, she is grace, she is a bouquet of tacos.
Jason Isaacs posing with John Tierney and daughter Niamh as they cosplay as Snape and Bellatrix Lestrange Father and daughter bond over the magic of cosplay
The family that cosplays together, stays together.
This WikiLeaks cosplay might actually be the nerdiest thing ever
Because whistleblowing never goes out of style.
Pixiv is playing host to a fanart contest for popular manga 'Rose of Versailles'
The legendary artist Riyoko Ikeda herself will judge your shoujo artwork.
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