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baymax dressed up as a stormtrooper Meet the man behind this genius Baymax Stormtrooper
If you think this cosplay looks pro, you're right.
Jamie Lee Curtis Warcraft cosplay Jamie Lee Curtis wows everyone with her 'Warcraft' premiere cosplay
Curtis just made a heavy bid for mother of the year.
Living Dead Clothing's BioShock collection Living Dead Clothing debuts a stunning new BioShock collection
The new line offers cosplay and fashion options inspired by the three games.
T-Rex goes to gym T-rex costume takes the Internet by storm, is the new horse mask
If 2015 was the year of the horse mask, 2016 belongs to T-rex.
photos from a juggernaut cosplay An X-Men fan created the best Juggernaut cosplay ever
People who build stuff like this are the real heroes.
amazing costume of  the junk lady from labrynth This 'Labyrinth' junk lady costume is an incredible tribute to Jim Henson's work
Why don't you look where you're going, young woman?