Viki Knox
A teacher's Facebook post saying homosexuality "breeds like cancer" got her in a whole lot of trouble.

A teacher at Union High School in New Jersey has drawn scrutiny from both school officials and the public after posting antigay remarks on Facebook.

“Viki Knox or @Nitenitechick , educator and facebooking bigot, thinks the end is nigh and speaks for God via twitter,” Jason Manley posted on Twitter as a report of the incident gained traction online Thursday afternoon.

Knox, who advises a prayer group at the school, has removed the posts from her personal Facebook profile, which is set to private and not available via search. She reportedly described homosexuality as "perverted" and said it "breeds like cancer."

The posts, which were reported to school officials by attorney John Paragano, were made in response to a school display celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month. School officials declined to comment to the Associated Press about Knox’s current employment status but said the matter was under investigation and they were treating it as a serious issue.

Several people responded on Twitter and mentioned Knox’s Twitter handle, @Nitenitechick.

“Homophobic comments by New Jersey teacher brings much shame to my home state... And in North/Central Jersey no less!” @hyperforce tweeted.

Conservative Christians, however, rallied around the embattled teacher and her attempts to bring an anti-gay message into public schools.

“A big high 5 for this teacher who is teaching school and the Bble (sic),” Lynn White Gipson of Oxford, Miss. posted on her Facebook page.

Knox’s Twitter account has not been updated since Sept. 20, when she tweeted, “DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL?!? ARE THEY SERIOUS? GOD IS NOT PLEASED AND NEITHER AM I!!! THE END IS NEAR!!!”

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