Rich Kids of Instagram's tropical storm evacuation

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super rich kids
This is how the other half prepared for Tropical Storm Isaac. 

While many people are evacuating Tropical Storm Isaac in gaudy cars or hunkering down in their homes, super rich kids are leaving on a private jet plane—at least according to Rich Kids of Instagram.

In an entry posted Monday on the popular and controversial Tumblr blog, a gold-framed picture shows how the rich do hurricane evacuations: one private jet and two girls wearing stretchy black clothing. (It’s slimming and comfortable.) One of the girls grips an overpriced LeSportsac purse, which they’re presumably using to their name brand cheese and locally baked challah in.

This isn’t the first time Rich Kids of Instagram has sparked controversy. Earlier this month, a photo of Alexa Dell, daughter of Dell CEO Michael Dell, appeared on the site in a private plane to Fiji—despite the Dell family paying $2.7 million a year for personal security, CNN reported.

RKOI’s latest post is adorned with the tags #isaac, #challah, #cheese, and the most essential tag, #flyprivate. It’s taken from an account from the name kendallarin, who snapped other pictures of her and friends evacuating New Orleans. One picture mocks her “casual evacuation,” half a dozen duffel bags stuffed to the brim.

The post garnered 75 notes. One commenter wrote that the picture makes him “find new reasons to hate the rich” and another person mocked the girls transportation method. “ to take a private jet to ‘escape’ 45 mph winds,” wrote Tumblr user upanddowns.

No word yet on if the jet was filled with bottles of water the girls couldn’t pronounce.

Photo via RKOI/Tumblr

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