Daily Fluff: How to help animals in need after Hurricane Sandy

Hundreds of abandoned, displaced, and orphaned pets need your help.

A forgotten population during any natural disaster is often pets, but there are hundreds of dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, hamsters and other pets that are in need of relief following the devastating storm that hit the United States’ Eastern Seaboard last week.

There are still pets being rescued in abandoned or flooded homes, there are pets living in shelters or temporary housing with displaced families that are in need of basic necessities like food, and, tragically, there are now-orphaned pets in need of good homes.

You can donate to disaster relief efforts through the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States, two of America’s most respected animal charities.  Both organizations are operating emergency animal shelters and search and rescue operations in New York and New Jersey.  Of course, you can also help out the many humans in need by donating to the American Red Cross.


Via WilliamMarlow.

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