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It's too hot to do just about anything except complain about the heat on Twitter.

It’s hot outside, and Twitter users are letting us know.

As temperatures creep into the triple digits across the Atlantic seaboard, trending topics in eastern cities are validating those weather reports.

In Atlanta, where the temperature reached 90 degrees at 4:00 p.m. ET (real feel of 99 degrees) #its2hot4that was trending. Users are tweeting uncomfortable clothes to wear in the heat like sweater dresses and socks with sandals. Also hot: weaves!

The topic #its2hot4that is trending in multiple cities, as far west as Phoenix to Dallas and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Beliebers, those die-hard Justin Bieber fans, used #its2hot4that to try to persuade their idol to disrobe.

Detroit tweeters are thankful for “central air,” which is trending in the Michigan city. Yes_imGorgeous tweeted his prayers to those without air conditioning as temperatures reached 102 degrees.

Nationally, #hotallsummer is trending as users are complaining about the heat.

User GrandadFreeman_ summed it up: “DUHH! It’s Summer!”

Not generating much tweet heat: the environs of Twitter headquarters in San Franicsco, where it’s a sunny 70 degrees.

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