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Mikhail Kalashnikov was a hero—if you measure that sort of thing by body count.

The man who designed the AK-47 assault rifle, which has killed more human beings than any other firearm, just died himself at the ripe old age of 94. Shortly after the news broke, Mikhail Kalashnikov’s name was trending on Twitter, with many users deploying the customary “RIP.” 

But not everyone is wishing him a happy afterlife. Because he leaves a complicated legacy of carnage and terror in his wake, some simply had to spit on his grave. Here are a few of the hardest truths—and funniest cynical punchlines—to come out of Kalashnikov’s demise:

The NRA, though, has yet to comment on the matter—probably too busy arranging a 21-machine-gun salute.

Photo by Michael Van Dyke/Flickr

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