Another media organization is hacked

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Hackers have struck again, this time taking over NBC News' Twitter account.

NBC News’ Twitter account was hacked this afternoon by the hacking group The Script Kiddies.

At around 5:30 PM ET, The Script Kiddies tweeted from @NBCNews that ground zero was attacked by a hijacked plane.  Ryan Osborn, NBC News’s social media director, confirmed that the account was hacked and told people not to retweet the incorrect information. NBC News released a statement corroborating Osborn's tweet. 

The Script Kiddies, @s_kiddies, gloated on their Twitter page about hacking the network. This group previously hacked Fox News Politics Twitter account.

Both NBC News’ and The Script Kiddies Twitter accounts were suspended by Twitter.

We’ll keep you posted with updates.


Image: Edgar Zuniga Jr./Flickr

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