4chan word cloud BLURRED
Taking 5,576,095 random posts from the unmoderated, anonymous free-for-all known simply as “/b/” -- one of several forums which comprise the imageboard 4chan -- Andres Monroy-Hernandez and his research associates at MIT created a word picture to illustrate what posters to /b/ talk about the most. 
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Facebook shocked that a woman runs I F*cking Love Science
When the owner of the most popular science page on Facebook revealed her identity the other day, the reaction was sadly predictable. "OMG GIRL," came the crescendo of comments from dumbfounded men (and a few women). It was as if Elise Andrew had infiltrated a 19th century scientific conference and suddenly ripped off a fake mustache in front of the assembled muttering menfolk. Cue pipes falling from open mouths. Shock! Awe! A woman!
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