Reason No. 2938494 why Jennifer Lawrence is the Internet's favorite Best Actress winner: this video.

The actress was in London for the premiere of her Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, when she spotted a young fan in a wheelchair. It's not unusual for an actress to sign an autograph for a fan who waited hours or even days for her chance to meet her idol, but Lawrence actually left the red carpet to talk to this girl.

It's easy to be cynical here. Nothing says "I'm humble!" like literally stepping off a red carpet. Sure, it may have been a PR stunt, and one YouTube commenter suggested that Lawrence stopped by because the girl was in the VIP section of the red carpet set aside for photo ops. It doesn't matter; the look on the girl's face gives it all 

Lawrence could have even decided to visit the girl on her own, but no matter the motivation, one thing is clear. She made this girl’s night.

H/T HyperVocal | Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr