The game is afoot, and Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is once again pitted against his biggest adversary.

This time, he’s descended onto Sesame Street, and he runs into not James Moriarty (the main villain in the original tales and much of the BBC show). Rather, this nemesis is a lot furrier.

Murray-arty’s got “Benedict Sherlock” stumped and in his clutches, and only by solving a math problem will he escape it.

But, as Cumberbatch is apt to remind us, he’s only an actor and doesn’t actually have any of the deductive reasoning skills or the sizable mind palace of his alter ego. So naturally he calls upon an expert to help him.

The Count is no John Watson, but he’s got plenty of deductive (and counting) skills of his own. And Cumberbatch has plenty of charm to go around.

Photo via PBS/YouTube