Woman stages robbery, tries to frame Black Lives Matter

blm fake staged robbery

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It's unclear what her motive was.

Police in Millbury, Massachusetts have pegged an alleged robbery and defacing of a home to an unlikely source: one of its occupants. Maria Daly, whose husband Daniel is on the force, is believed to have staged the robbery and graffitied "BLM" on the side of her house.

The incident was reported on Oct. 17 and it took officers a little over a week to reach that conclusion. "The officers did their due diligence and followed through with the investigation that we had," Millbury Police Chief Donald Desorcy told CBS Boston. "Basically we came to the conclusion that it was all fabricated. There was no intruder, there was no burglary."

Daly's claim gained traction on social media after she posted about it on Facebook along with an image of the "BLM" graffiti, stating that she "woke up to not only our house being robbed while we were sleeping, but to see this hatred for no reason."

It appears as if Daly was insinuating that Black Lives Matter was the culprit. As of this writing, her motives beyond potentially framing the group are still unclear. Daly is now being charged for filing a false police report and misleading a police investigation.

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