What happens when 20 strangers make out for a YouTube experiment

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How would you like it if your first kiss with a hot stranger was viewed by 1 million people?

How would you like it if your first kiss with a complete stranger was viewed by 1 million people?

For 10 couples, this was exactly the case. YouTube user Tatia Pilieva gathered 10 men and 10 women together to share something intimate and memorable with complete strangers.

The film, which featured eight heterosexual and two homosexual pairings, chronicled each couple from the moment they first shake hands through to the romantic, or at least romantic-looking, payoff. Predictably, all of the subjects are apprehensive, constantly shooting looks at the production crew and breaking out into nervous laughter. 

The awkwardness is quickly overcome, however, as each person seems to truly enjoy it. I suppose a YouTube video project beats a drunken, sloppy makeout session in the middle of a loud bar crawling with dudebros.

Screengrab via Tatia Pilieva/YouTube

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