Puppy follows woman around for months until she adopts him

puppy adopts woman

Photo via Mascotas Puerto Madero Adopciones Responsables / Facebook Remix by Max Fleishman

He waited outside her hotel until she flew him to Germany.

An Argentinian puppy successfully adopted a German flight attendant this week. Yes, he did. Yes, he did. Whatta good boy.

During her many trips from Germany to Buenos Aires for work, Olivia Sievers met and befriended a street dog (now named Rubio). She first thought it would be a one-time encounter, but Rubio was persistent in his affections, waiting outside her hotel, and seeking her out every time she visited.

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After a number of visits, Sievers made arrangements for him to be adopted by a local shelter. However, he escaped and showed back up at Sievers’s hotel—and he waited for her. So finally, Sievers adopted him, and now they are happily frolicking through Germany together.

Aside from this being this sweetest story ever, it also serves as a reminder that dogs are the only beings allowed to not take a woman’s first “no” for an answer. 

H/T The Dodo

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