Russian woman believes she was raped by a Pokémon

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Pokemon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company Remix by Max Fleishman

When her husband and police wouldn't help her, she went to a psychic.

The Russian website Bloknot is reporting that a woman in Moscow claims she was raped by a Pokémon.

Police were called to her apartment after she said she woke up and saw a large Pokémon on top of her. The Pokémon disappeared when she got out of bed, she said, but when she checked her app, she could still see the creature in her room.

Police and her husband didn't believe her, according to the Daily Mail, and suggested she consult a psychiatrist. She went to see a psychic instead. But the psychic was unable to assist her, either. 

A friend of the woman, Ivan Marakov, came to her defense, telling the Daily Mail, "She says there are too many Pokémon at her place and even the dog can sense them. She says the dog barks whenever she plays Pokémon Go."

Pokémon characters are digital, and as far as we know, do not exist IRL. But not everyone is convinced. Mashable reported that some people in Japan believe that their pets can sense Pokémon.

Of course, logic and science would disagree.
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