You can't unsee penis eyeliner

Dick eye makeup

Photo via asialbx / Twitter

It exists now, sorry.

Everybody just take a second to focus on what the words “penis eyeliner” evoke in you.

You ready? OK.

If you guessed that “penis eyeliner” was eye makeup done to make the winged part of your liner look like a dick, congratulations, I guess. I have no idea what you win since everybody loses when there’s a phrase like “penis eyeliner,” but you beat everyone (including yours truly) who thought that phrase meant we were getting a makeup line for penises. Maybe next year!

Anyway, penis eyeliner popped up on Twitter from user @asialbx, who runs BadLib Cosmetics. And apparently it was the inspirational eye look many had been waiting for.

Let’s be real though, most eyes already look like vulvas.

H/T Cosmopolitan

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