Megan Hearts Makeup
Can watching YouTube make you gorgeous? Self-taught looks creators and professional makeup artists are drawing an audience of millions showing you how.

Can watching YouTube make you gorgeous? If not, millions of videos are getting watched for naught.

One of the best things about YouTube, besides awkward oversharing clips,  is the “how to” genre. While some “how to” videos are silly by their very nature—like blacksican97’s satirical “how to watch an HD video”—the majority are surprisingly informative and cover a range of topics.

Beauty videos are some of the most popular tutorials. As someone who doesn’t know how to apply makeup or do my own hair (mostly due to laziness), I find these videos both fascinating and helpful to the point where I actually want to try out some of the techniques. The videos go through each hair and makeup process step by step, covering everything from Disney-character and anime-inspired looks to everyday wear.

15-year-old Megan, known on YouTube as meganheartsmakeup, joined the site in July 2009. Since then she’s received more than 46 million views on her beauty-themed videos. One reason for her popularity: Megan’s beauty tips require less effort than others and concentrate on the everyday, like the 10 looks covered by “Cute Summer Hairstyles”:

Andrea, known on YouTube as AndreasChoice,  joined the site in March 2008. Her videos have been viewed more than 30 million times. Her work ranges from celebrity-inspired looks to simpler styles. Her Big Bow Hairstyle tutorial is worth checking out. Here’s her rockabilly style video:

Makeup artist Wayne Goss, 33, is one of the few males to post on the subject. Going by gossmakeupartist, Goss joined YouTube in August 2008 and has racked up more than 9 million views on his videos. Goss primarily reviews products, even affordable drugstore brands:

Promise Tamang Phan, known as dope2111, joined the site in June 2009 and she’s received more than 26 million views to date. dope2111’s tutorials are more fantastical, inspired by celebrities (even Johnny Depp!) and Disney characters. Check out her makeup how-to on copying the look of Mystique, the X-Men villainess:

Self-described “make-up junkie” Leesha, 22, goes by xsparkage on YouTube, and has received more than 93 million views on her videos since she joined in March 2007. Leesha’s makeup videos are a mix of easy-to-do to outright flamboyant,  but it’s her unsponsored product reviews that the community seems to savor most:

A YouTuber since July 2006, makeup teacher and Lancôme spokesperson Michelle Phan has received more than 400 million views on her channel. Phan’s videos focus on makeup, with some hairstyling tips thrown in. Here’s her “Day to Night Makeup” tutorial:

That’s just the beginning of your YouTube makeover. There are loads more. If you have a favorite, share it in the comments.

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