#HillaryForPrision is trending—yes, with the typo

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Illustration by Max Fleishman

Trump supporters say it's on purpose to avoid Twitter censorship.

Trump supporters and anti-Hillary folks are getting behind a newish hashtag to take down the presidential candidate. #HillaryForPrision is trending on Twitter and, uh, wait, is that an extra “i” in there? Hmm.

Screengrab via Twitter

The misspelled hashtag has been around for a while but appears to have gained steam over the weekend in the wake of the FBI reinvestigating some of Clinton's emails. While it’s easy to point to this as being a dumb typo, many using the hashtag say it’s spelled that way on purpose to keep Twitter from deleting it. Take that, liberal shills who assume all Trump supporters are uneducated and ignorant!
Yesterday, Donald Trump accused social media and internet search engine Google of deliberately suppressing “the FBI criminal investigation of Clinton,” so it’s possible this hashtag is in direct response to his accusations. However, some are instead accusing Twitter of putting the typo in the hashtag as an act of censorship, and others just assume its creators don’t know how to spell.
An intentional subversion of Twitter, or a typo that everyone is trying to pretend was totally on purpose? We may never truly know, but if you see #HillaryForPrision don't worry, you're reading it right.
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