The divine dump: Mom sees Jesus in child's poop

baby in diaper

Photo via stupidmommy/Flickr (CC-BY)

Sleep deprivation can make you a little nutty.

There are mothers who love their kids, and then there are the mothers who love their kids so much that they see Jesus in their kid's sharts.

In a Facebook post from May 16, a Florida mother waxed poetic about looking at her son's diaper and seeing an image of the divine.

The post has received over 3,000 likes and over 5,000 shares—and one "Holy shit" pun that itself has over 9,000 likes.

In all fairness to the mom, sleep-deprivation makes you think crazy things. I used to think my breast pump was sending me secret messages that sounded like "Bob Hope. Bob Hope. Bob Hope."

Poop atheists took to Twitter to give voice to their unbelief:

This divine dump begs so many questions, like what did the poop smell like? And could this be evidence of Postsubstantiation? Is this the poophecy that portends the End Times?

I suppose we'll find out when the rest of the message is dumped.

H/T Scary Mommy

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