Laurie Simmons and 6 other celebrity parents on Twitter

This is the closing thing you'll get to a holiday Christmas card from these celebrity families. 

Girls creator Lena Dunham’s mother and well-known artist Laurie Simmons has just started tweeting regularly. So far, she’s been signing tweets to her daughter “Love, Mom.” It’s exactly what a mom on Twitter would do.

In fact, celeb parents are just as silly, cute, embarrassing, and interactive on Twitter as your own Twitter-savvy folks. (My dad responds to all my friends. Joy.)

Check out these celebrity ‘rents who love to tweet their star children.

Laurie Simmons

Famous kid: Lena Dunham
Best tweet:

Best tweet exchange:

Donald Glover Sr.

Famous kid: Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)
Best tweet:

Best tweet exchange:

Donald Silverman

Famous kids: Sarah Silverman, Laura Silverman
Best tweet:

Best tweet exchange:

Here’s the video:

Dina Lohan

Famous kids: Lindsay and Ali Lohan
Best Twitter fight: with ex-husband @michaeljlohan

Best tweet exchange:

Jeremy Bieber

Famous kid: Justin Bieber
Best tweet:

Best (sub)tweet from Bieb: 

Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus

Famous kid: Miley Cyrus
Best tweets from Tish:

Best tweet exchange:

Best tweets to Billy Ray:

Also, if you’re looking to kill a few hours doing nothing, pop over to this Twitter feed called “Celeb Parents” and look at pictures of normal people and their famous offspring. It’s weirdly hypnotizing. 

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