This 19-month-old is your favorite new photographer on Instagram

Stanley Robert Jones, baby photographer

Photos via stanleyrjones / Instagram

This is art.

If you want to see the world through a 19-month-old's eyes, you can stand two and a half feet off the ground, run like a drunk person for 10 steps, then tumble over on your side. Or you could follow Stanley Robert Jones on Instagram

'The poop' #stanleyjones #stanley #jonesmrjones #poop #poo #grass #green #outdoors #garden #lawn #yard #play #funtimes #fun

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My dad and some shadows #shadowandlight #dad #parenting #grass #summer #shadow #stanley

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Stanley's dad, British Army photographer Timothy Jones, gave his toddler his old Canon G12 camera to snap whatever his little fingers desire, according to Mashable. Instead of looking at the LCD screen, he looks through the viewfinder, like an old-fashioned photog from the '90s. Even sweeter, as Stanley rolls through the house and garden clicking away, he apparently says, "Cheese."

I mean, the work is nothing groundbreaking (though 'The poop' is a great unintentional take on the modern art establishment), but it is pretty damn cute.  

H/T Mashable

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