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The Great Wall of China at Sunset China moves to ban anonymous usernames
New law prohibiting fake usernames could be hard to enforce, experts say.
man proposes with hot dogs True love waits for 1,001 hot dogs
We didn't expect this to work, quite frankly.
A monster? Or a 'Guild Wars II' character? 'Guild Wars II' spurs panic in China with 'monster' sighting
A Chinese man strolling through the forest thought he discovered a monster. He was only half wrong. 
Tiananmen square painting Google uncensored in China by Internet Freedom group
Someone put a ladder against China's Great Firewall.
All sizes | povpnx-28 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Need a job? China is hiring 'sexual content appraisers' for porn crackdown
Their job might be to watch porn all day, but it's way less fun than it sounds. 
Great Wall of China This Android app could defeat China's 'Great Firewall'
Embracing the radical concept of 'collateral freedom,' app developers hope to circumvent China's government censors.