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knit tinfoil hat With this $200 knit tinfoil hat, you can protect your brainwaves in style
'They' can hear your thoughts. 'They' also hate great fashion.
facehugger shot glass The best 'Alien' art and accessories on Etsy
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Ted Cruz blood dumpster Bleed all over Trump, Cruz, and Kasich with these stylish period panties
Let the Zodiac Killer-turned-presidential candidate soak up your uterine lining, as god intended.
illustrated sex This sexual position coloring book is perfect for a rainy day of indoor fun
Perfect for horny, lazy artists.
Kanye West Valentine's Day card Kanye West and Amber Rose's Twitter fight inspires Etsy Valentine’s Day cards
Nothing says 'Happy Valentine's Day' quite like a card with Kanye's tweets.
eliza and alexander hamilton May you be satisfied with these 'Hamilton' Valentine's Day cards
They'll make your heart go boom.