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Meme History: Gigachad

It's reasonable to be a little wary of and fascinated by any human living their life with a godlike level of certainty.


Kyle Calise


Posted on Mar 3, 2024   Updated on Mar 3, 2024, 8:08 am CST

Oh beautiful, perfectly fit people. We all kind of wish we could look that good, but for most of us, we kind of wish for pizza night and reasoned debate even more. Maybe the stoicism needed to attain that rock-hard abdomen would also bequeath to us a level of enlightenment beyond mortal bounds. But in the meantime, we get to merely reflect upon the majesty of Gigachad.

Here are some photos of a really insanely cut dude from the Instagram account berlin.1969. They were taken by photo artist Krista Sudmalis, aka “female gigachad,” probably in late 2016.

In Body Image

They were taken by photo artist Krista Sudmalis, aka “female gigachad,” probably in late 2016.

The model’s name is Ernest Khalimov, but he’s very photoshopped, to the point where a lot of people question whether or not Gigachad even counts as a real person.

When we refer to Gigachad, we’re mostly referring to his face and perfectly chiseled physique.

On October 15, 2017 a link to Krista and Ernest’s photo series “SLEEK’N’TEARS” was posted on reddit/r/bodybuilding, where redditors gaped in awe and wonder. The following day, another image of Khalimov was reposted to 4chan. That’s where we got our first instance of the term “Gigachad.”

We get to this term by combining a billion, “giga,” with “Chad” – a broey, handsome, maybe slightly dumb but incredibly beautiful and confident, man.

In the next few years, Gigachad’s use spread alongside other chad memes, via bodybuilding forums, more Reddit, and more 4chan. And as it spread, Chad generally, and Gigachad in a more extreme way became a stand-in for the type of hypermasculine and pea-brained alphamale culture that can only come from overconfidence.

In an internet argument, Gigachad does not care about your evidence, only his own opinion.

Which is funny, not only for the obvious memeable reasons, but also because he allegedly “doesn’t cooperate with anyone” and “does not know what a podcast is.”

Notably, Gigachad’s popularity not only allowed for the creation of its own NcFT, available for purchase anywhere NFTs are sold, But also his own large language model. Like a swole version of ChatGPT, Gab users can log on, and ask Gigachad himself, not to be confused with Ernest, anything they want.

He’s also responsible for a lesser-known spin-off memeFemale Gigachad. She’s based on images of the original Gigachad photographer, and Khalimov’s girlfriend, Krista.

If Gigachad is supposed to be about total confidence personified in an extremely fit and muscular human body, then…well…so is Female Gigachad.

It’s reasonable and probably not uncommon to be a little wary of and fascinated by any human living their life with a godlike level of certainty. Which maybe explains both the internet’s attraction to and derision of an unattainably godlike human form.

In a lot of ways, Gigachad can represent a level of confidence most of us will only ever dream of. But lacking the ability to get on his level, for the rest of us Gigachad is a fun punching bag.

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*First Published: Mar 3, 2024, 6:00 am CST