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Hans Zimmer dominates at Coachella, plays ‘Inception’ tracks live

His incredible Coachella set included a blistering mashup of his original music from ‘Inception,’ ‘Dark Knight,’ and ‘Lion King.’


Kahron Spearman


Taking his highly ambitious show to the highest of festival stages, legendary film composer Hans Zimmer destroyed his Coachella set Sunday night with a blistering mashup of his original music from Inception, The Dark Knight, and The Lion King. He absolutely killed it, providing the festivals most unexpected delights.

His dominating set began with two pieces–“Dream is Collapsing” and “Mombasa”–from the 2010 Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle Inception. It’s pretty great:


The set included Zimmer playing multiple instruments, with an orchestra in tow. Even music producer, singer, and style icon Pharrell Williams came out for a cameo, during “Freedom” from the Hidden Figures soundtrack they worked together on.



Zimmer has already announced American and European tour legs this summer. Catch him if you can.

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