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YouTube time traveler gives scary prediction about the future of Los Angeles

Is this even possible?


Josh Katzowitz


Posted on May 15, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 12:35 pm CDT

A supposed YouTube time traveler has some bad news for those who live in Los Angeles. The city, he claimed in a new video for the ApexTV channel, will be underwater in less than 50 years.

ApexTV, known for hosting time travelers whose stories are entertaining yet too unbelievable to actually be true, introduced a new character to its base of 1 million subscribers. His name is Kasper. He said he’s from the year 2075. He speaks in heavily accented English. His face is pixelated. And he’s wearing gloves for reasons that are never explained.

But he’s adamant that by the year 2063, Los Angeles will be underwater. In fact, he said it’s shocking for him to be standing in the L.A. hills and looking down at the city in 2019 because, in his supposed reality, the city doesn’t exist that way.

“All of the buildings behind me … this is all underwater,” he said. “Los Angeles, California is not how it is today. It’s amazing me being from the year 2075 to see it before the great flood.”

The flooding apparently didn’t come as a surprise to those who live in the future. Kasper attributed the disaster to global warming, which causes the sea levels to rise year by year. As the waters continue to get higher, Kasper said people begin to move away from L.A. Others, though, stay, and he said the city is now water-proofed, surrounded by a big bubble that keeps out the water and allows people to continue living there.

“There’s no need to panic,” Kasper said.

That’s because he said, “The flood is preventable. We can prevent it, as long as we are willing to try as a human species working together.”

Keep this in mind, though. Los Angeles’ tallest building is about 1,100 feet with at least seven structures in the city rising at least 700 feet in the air. Research suggests that sea levels on the California coast could rise by as much as 10 feet by the turn of the century based on the melting of Antarctic ice sheets.

That math seems to suggest something major would have to happen for the entire city to be underwater. Which basically means Kasper’s predictions make no sense.

Like many other time travelers who appear on ApexTV, he went through some of the same talking points that most of them make.

For instance, he said there are no country borders in the future and everybody in the world speaks the same language and practices the same religion. People will have chips embedded in their wrists. Time travel will be unveiled to the public in 2028. Aliens exist and eventually will be seen by the public. He’s being watched by the government or the military or somebody who doesn’t want him to reveal his secrets.

He also said he has proof about the L.A. flood, which he said he can unveil in the near future. But the one thing he wants you to believe is that he’s actually a time traveler from the future.

“Time travel is not only real, it’s being withheld from civilians,” Kasper said. “Most people have no clue about the secret technology, including time travel, that is being withheld from the public eye. … I want to tell you about this. I came back to the year 2019 on a mission that was public. The public is aware of the mission in the future of going back in the past. But in the past, they are not aware of the missions taking place.”

Until now, apparently.


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*First Published: May 15, 2019, 12:25 pm CDT