YouTube right now! TapTronic’s “Crave You”

In this scenic video, TapTronic fuses electronic music with tap dancing to sublime effect. 

Mar 3, 2020, 6:27 am*


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Can you really modernize tap dancing?

That’s the goal for TapTronic, a duo that’s putting a new spin on the dance tradition by infusing it with electronic music.

In “Crave You,” the the two’s recently released debut, Toronto native Ciaran Plummer and Ohio’s Zach Klingenberg tap dancing on wooden boards on the beach to an electro-layered background. Each tap”is synchronized with beats from the music. Since being upload to YouTube on Friday, the hypnotic and beautifully shot video has garnered 50,000 views, thanks in part to early coverage from the Daily What.

“So that’s what talent looks like…” user PablitoelPapi said in a top YouTube comment.

Photo by TapTronic

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*First Published: May 2, 2012, 12:51 pm