Learn the basics of LARPing, starting a cult, and making a mini crossbow.

With over 72 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it’s physically impossible to keep track of the content on YouTube. But in YouTube Guide, the Daily Dot will curate its five favorite finds for each workday.

1) Shut Up Cartoons, “Starting a Cult”

Remember those wackos from Heaven’s Gate? Now’s your chance to get just as sickeningly religious! And you just need to follow four simple steps. Fortunately, the derelict ankle biters from Shut Up Cartoons are here to walk you through the process. Happy worshiping!

2) Andrew Hales, “Can I Get a Bite of Your Food?”

The concept is simple. The execution is perfect. Losing All Hope Was Freedom‘s Andrew Hales wants to see just how generous the Brigham Young University lunch crowd can be. Hales goes from back porch to food court asking random strangers if he can steal a bite of their meal. “It’s a social experiment,” he describes to one lady who hands him a cookie. “My friend is in there filming this.”


3) Nerdist, “The Journey Begins—Realm of LARP”

Learn the basics of LARPing—live action roleplaying—through this 10-minute introduction episode to Realm of LARP, Nerist’s new show about the popular live action roleplaying community. “These are real people in rubber armor wielding foam swords in a live action roleplaying game,” the film’s narrator explains at the onset. New episodes every Monday.

4) John Lutz, “The Front Desk feat. J.B. Smooth”

Comedian J.B. Smooth (Leon from HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm) stops by the front desk to chat about hotel theft, the fascination with those who wear cucumber glasses at day spas, and Smooth’s dental hygiene practices. “Anything with Leon in it is gold,” YouTuber mbl1224 wrote. “Gold, Jerry, gold!”

5) KipKay, “Mini Ninja Crossbow”

Want to own a crossbow but don’t have the money—or the extremely lenient parents? KipKay can help you crack the code. The DIY YouTuber, who specializes in making mini items out of household products, suggests using a fireplace match, one rubber band, and a paper clip to make a four-inch crossbow that can shoot bamboo skewers up to 15 feet.

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