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YouTuber selfiebombs strangers at the mall—and doesn’t get punched

Would we be this brazen without our phones?


Audra Schroeder


Selfies have nearly reached their tipping point, what with the Selfie Olympics, that Oscars selfie, and the need to now define exactly what selfies are. YouTuber Jason Rodjanapanyakul took it over the tipping point by selfiebombing strangers at the mall in Bellevue, Wash. He employed the right etiquette, however, by proclaiming “Selfie!” before doing so.

Many of them smile for the camera, many of them look weary of this overly enthusiastic man snapping pictures with them, when they just want to text in front of Dippin’ Dots in peace. He even includes some inspirational words of wisdom with the video:

“Go out and change people’s lives… one selfie at a time.”

This adds to the Twitter hashtag #selfieswithstrangers, which offers an interesting look into our interactions with strangers, via our phones. Would we be this brazen without our phones?

Not sure if he changed anyone’s life, but he managed to not get punched by anyone.

Screengrab via JasonSoSilly/YouTube

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