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YouTube right now! “Kenan & Kel” supercut

Slacktory compiles every “Aw, here it goes!” uttered by Kel Mitchell in the entire four-year run of Nickelodeon’s Kenan & Kel. Aw, here it goes …


Jordan Valinsky


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When watching Nickelodeon, kids responded to numerous rallying calls to return to their television (think Guts’ “Spill your guts!”); but it was Kenan and Kel’s that created the most popular exclamation.

After the first sketch finished in each episode, Kel Mitchell would scramble out in front of a red curtain, frustratedly proclaiming the beginning of the show with the phrase “Aw, here it goes!”

A supercut produced by the video editing ninjas at Slacktory compiles every “Aw, here it goes!” ever shouted by Kel in the show’s 65-episode run.

The sketch comedy series, most notable for having its theme song created by Coolio, lasted four seasons from 1996 to 2000 on Nickelodeon. The show’s premise was Kenan and Kel working in a small grocery mart and all the goofy hijinks that spawned from it. Also, Kel was obsessed with orange soda, which the show always reminded you of.

Kenan went to become a cast member of Saturday Night Live and, well, Kel could very well be working at the same grocery store. Maybe there is orange flavored Four Loko for sale that he can console himself with?

Let’s have a toast to Kenan’s career, a drink in memoriam for Kel’s, and one more viewing of this supercut to get us through our day.

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