YouTube rewinds 2013 with a massive, star-studded mashup

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Try to spot more than 50 cameos from YouTube’s biggest stars.

It’s been a long and strange year on YouTube.

The company had a lot to tackle in its annual Rewind video in a year where twerking made us forget about the Harlem Shake phenomenon and a simple question from a pair of Norwegian brothers distracted us from Psy’s massive followup to “Gangnam Style.”

But Ylvis, Miley Cyrus, Psy, and more are all there in spirit (if not in person) to look back at 2013 and ask just one question: What does it say?

Like with last year’s massiveGangnam Style” mashup, Rewind 2013 is a who’s who of YouTube, with over 50 credited cameos and a rather catchy tune remixed with the biggest songs of the year (most notably “The Fox”) by mashup legend DJ Earworm.

It showcases some of the biggest viral stars of 2013 like Convos With My 2-year-old, the screaming goats we love and hate, how animals eat their food, and Prancercise, as they rewind the past year with the press of a button.

By pressing that rewind button, you’ll not only be reminded of the trends and memes you already forgot, you’ll also remember YouTube itself has changed—and not necessarily for the better

And remember: If it looks fake, it probably is.

Photo via YouTube Spotlight/YouTube

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