YouTube Red only has 1.5 million paid subscribers, but it remains hopeful for the future

youtube red

Photo via Michal Ludwiczak/Shutterstock

YouTube Red isn’t doing so hot. According to the Verge, the fledgling service has just 1.5 million subscribers. One million more people are enjoying all that YouTube Red has to offer via a trial membership, meaning they won’t necessarily pay up once the time comes to continue streaming.

It’s unclear exactly what dates those numbers were culled from, just that it was late summer. YouTube Red is available in the United States, Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand, offering it a far smaller market than, say, Netflix, which is available in more than 190 countries.

YouTube Red, however, remains hopeful. Its growth eclipses Sling TV and similar rivals, and it has continued to add original programming at a breakneck speed.

Read more about YouTube Red’s position in the great streaming wars on the Verge.

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