What happens when you take your Pinterest obsession offline?

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Pinterest will be three this year, but some people still don’t get what the image-sharing network is all about. In Comediva’s latest video, the all-female troupe takes this ignorance to its most literal extreme.

In “Pinsanity,” the comedians envision the Pinterest interface as a literal corkboard with thumbtacks. Comedian Deborah S. Craig plays the role of a pin-crazy fashionista, pilfering real-world products, pets, and eventually, people to her bulletin board in a blood-thirsty attempt to curate items on Pinterest.

“You can repin,” Craig smiles sweetly to a victim after stealing her cupcake.

“I think, now, I understand what Pinterest is. Maybe. Perhaps. Probably not,” bigvirgotube wrote.

The video does pose an interesting question: How absurd, unnecessary, and, likely illegal would social-network activities be if transferred to the real world?

“I’d love to see you take on Klout next,” dieselbt wrote.

Photo via YouTube

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