YouTube right now! LeBron James raps with LMFAO

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The only thing better than watching LeBron James try to rap is the T-shirt he’s party-rocking. 

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Not only did LeBron James managed to play well in all four quarters during the NBA Finals, he had a little something left over after clinching the title last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The self-proclaimed “Chosen One” took to the stage to party rock with LMFAO, rapping along with the catchily terrible duo as they performed “Riot” by 2 Chainz. Even better (or worse, depending on your feelings about James), however, was the T-shirt he was wearing. His face, complete with vampire fangs, was depicted on it.

Just what was the message, though? Does James only come out at night? Is he an Edward Cullen wannabe? Does the NBA Finals MVP think he has more bite than his opponents? Is he a secret truebie?

We may never know for sure, but if there’s one thing we can really take away from the clip, it’s that those debilitating leg cramps finally seemed to have disappeared.

In a top comment on the video, YouTuber GODFATHA3000 summed up the feelings of many LeBron haters: “I hope Kevin Durant sprouts bat wings and wins the next 37 NBA titles.”

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