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Still wrapping gifts, decorating, and picking out an outfit for the holiday weekend? Don’t worry. You can YouTube your way through this.

Christmas is almost upon us, and the stress of wrapping your presents, preparing your holiday dishes, and decorating your home can seem daunting.

Don’t worry, though! YouTube has your back, with hundreds of tutorials created by people facing the exact same seasonal quandaries.

Fake Obsession, an unsigned UK band, has a time-lapse of decorating and putting together an artificial tree. They make it look so easy and fun.  See, you can do it too!

There are hundreds of YouTube tutorials on how to wrap a present creatively, including multiple videos on how to wrap a cat, and, of course, cute kittens playing with wrapping paper.

Are you in a do-it-yourself mood this year, and want to make your presents? Time is getting tight, but YouTube headquarters has rounded up a list of tutorial videos on homemade gifts. There’s also always personalized videos from Santa you could play. For the kids, that is.

Speaking of DIY, Mr Kate, a video personality regularly featured on the website Hello Giggles, made a bunch of nifty tutorials getting your apartment, makeup, and outfit in line with the holiday spirit.

Need to figure out how to make white chocolate peppermint mocha? How about a saucy eggnog? There are thousands of regular holiday cooking tutorials, but in the spirit of this low-stress list, check out Epic Meal Time’s bacon tree.

Finally, if you just need to feel better about your holiday efforts, watch Harto of My Drunk Kitchen try to make a gingerbread house

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