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YouTube Guide: Barack Obama sings “Can’t Touch This”

YouTuber BaracksDubs celebrates an Obama victory in style with a dub of the President singing MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.”


Michelle Jaworski


With over 72 hours of footage uploaded every minute, it’s physically impossible to keep track of the content on YouTube. But in YouTube Guide, the Daily Dot will curate its five favorite finds for each workday.

1) Barack’s Dubs, “ELECTION SPECIAL: Barack Obama Singing Can’t Touch This”

President Obama has a message for Mitt Romney: “You can’t touch this.” Fadi Saleh brought back the crooning president with M.C. Hammer’s one-hit wonder just in time to mark Obama’s victory in the election.

2) Eclectic Method, “Disney Wars”

Some of your favorite Disney movies are getting a makeover. With some tweaks to the animated classics—think lightsabers—and dialogue from the original Star Wars trilogy, you have an old story told in a new light. Keep an eye out for Disney and Star Wars nods.

3) Collective Cadenza, “History of Misheard Lyrics | Opus No. 13”

CDZA tackles their most ambitious “History” video yet, with misheard lyrics from some of the  biggest songs of the past 70 years. Shot in one take, the video covers household names like Bob Dylan, the Beatles and Celine Dion.

4) Sneaky Zebra, “London Comic Con – MCM Expo – Cosplay Music Video”

London Comic Con is one of the bigger conventions to take place in the U.K., and to mark the occasion, Sneaky Zebra took their camera and captured costumed convention-goers showing off around London landmarks and in the convention center.

5) Toby Turner, “Literal ‘Iron Man’ Trailer

We only have a couple minutes of footage from Iron Man 3 to obsessively analyze, but in his latest “literal trailer,” Tobuscus manages to paint an even darker Tony Stark who just wanted to play with his toys before everything blew up.

Photo via Barack’s Dubs/YouTube

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