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The 13 videos you have to see from YouTube’s Geek Week

Not caught up on Geek Week? We can help!


Michelle Jaworski


Posted on Aug 8, 2013   Updated on Jun 1, 2021, 9:33 am CDT

The geeks shall inherit the earth someday. But for now, they’ll have to settle for YouTube.

YouTube’s array of celebrity nerds came out in full force for the company’s first annual Geek Week, a week-long celebration of geeks and the various things that make them flail their arms in excitement.

Each day, YouTube’s official channel highlighted a few YouTubers to watch, and even threw in some awesome Easter eggs. You can defend a video from missiles, turn the comments section into leetspeak, or make your search results appear in a golden Fibonacci spiral. 

And that’s not to mention the videos! From science to science fiction, video games to superheroes, the channel focused on a different aspect of geek culture each day. If you skipped the first few days’ worth, don’t worry, you can catch up with a highlights playlist or the daily recap.

In honor of Geek Week, we’ve gathered some of our favorite videos and tributes to the things we’re still geeking over. Here are 13 things you don’t want to miss this week:

1) Thor: The Dark World trailer

Marvel icon Stan Lee is famous for making cameos, and he didn’t disappoint during Geek Week. On Wednesday, he gave us what we’ve been waiting for: the new Thor: The Dark World trailer. With a glimpse at the plot and the many characters we loved in the first film, it looks promising. But if you take it from Tumblr, one character overshadows just about everything else we’ve seen.

2) Knightmare TV Show Remake

Knightmare was a British children’s adventure game show that aired from 1987 to 1994. Almost 20 years after it went off the air, it was revived for a one-off episode that’s just as campy as the original.


3) Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical!

With just three days until the return of Breaking Bad, the wait is becoming unbearable. The most recent batch of episodes is now on Netflix, but if you don’t have the time to rewatch Walter White’s descent, take just five minutes to watch the entire series thus far recapped and performed by a bunch of middle schoolers.

4) CM Punk’s Grammar Slam

Professional wrestler CM Punk is used to delivering smackdowns in the ring, but this time around, he’s slamming fans and trolls alike for their atrocious grammar. The entire series is worth a watch, but we recommend you start with one of the most commonly seen grammar mistakes: 

5) Introducing CarTube

You can watch YouTube from almost anywhere these days—except your car. Well, that’s all about to change. The windshield and windows serve as a screen, and you’ll be able to record vlogs while you drive. What could go wrong? 

If this was an actual product, plenty.

6) STAR WARS FILIBUSTER: Patton Oswalt’s Rant Animated

Remember Patton Oswalt’s epic Star Wars filibuster during an episode of Parks and Recreation? Nerdist animated it and made Oswalt’s Sparkly Reality-Jumping Thanos and Chewbacca’s head on a metal spider body, among many other creative ideas, a reality. However, it’s not the first time the filibuster has been animated; Izac Less made a similar video two months ago.

7) Making a Real Life-Size Wall-E Robot

One of Pixar’s beloved characters is brought to life, but this time he isn’t alone on Earth. Built by Mike McMasters, this Wall-E resides on an orange farm alongside an R2-D2 droid and other pets. There’s no sign of EVE yet, but if you suddenly see Buy-N-Large ads on TV, you might want to get worried.

8) Naruto The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer)

Ryan Higa has refused to make a Naruto movie for years because “it’s too good of a show,” but he finally caved in with a parody trailer. Shot in Japan, Higa plays most of the characters (with a cameo from another anime favorite) and throws in a variety of nods to the show and general pop culture.

9) Star Wars vs Star Trek Street Fight!

One of the longest-running rivalries in geekdom is brought to a head as fans of Star Wars and Star Trek are brought to an abandoned lot to duke it out with all of the lasers, lightsabers, and suckerpunches they can muster. Live long, and may the force be with you.

10) What if Batman Drove a Nissan?

Since Batman doesn’t have super powers like his superhero counterparts, it’s all about gadgets. But what if the Batmobile was actually a normal-looking car… like a Nissan? Fast, Furious & Funny makes this a reality, and while the Nissan Micra works with what it’s equipped, it probably wouldn’t live up to Bruce Wayne’s high standards.

11) How to Make a Viral Video

We’ve been trying to figure out how videos go viral for years, and with a multitude of YouTube celebrities and memes locked up, Dave Days settles on a Smash Mouth musical parody. Because where else will someone get strangled by a Potter Puppet Pal?

12) Doctor Puppet Episode 4 – Smoke and Mirrors

The latest installment in Alisa Stern’s Doctor Puppet saga features appearances from the original Master and one of the more overlooked Doctors as he tries to solve the mystery unraveling before him. There’s no new information about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special or Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, but it will certainly hold you over while we wait for any information on the show.


13) Slow-Mo Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Speaker

You’ve seen it on The Big Bang Theory, but now Veritasium has brought everyone’s favorite experiment of dancing fluid on a speaker to life, except this time we can see every bump and jiggle through the power of slow-motion.

Photo via nigahiga/YouTube

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*First Published: Aug 8, 2013, 6:21 pm CDT