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YouTube right now! “B*tches in Bookstores”

"Read so hard librarians tryin' ta fine me."


Austin Powell


Posted on Mar 22, 2012   Updated on Jun 2, 2021, 7:41 pm CDT

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In Jay-Z’s eternal spring break anthem “Big Pimpin’,” Bun B advised, “Go read a book you illiterate son of a bitch and step up yo’ vocab.”

While this YouTube parody video certainly isn’t what the U.G.K. rapper had in mind, he’d have to respect these two ladies’ game.

In “Bitches in Bookstores,” La Shea Delaney and Annabelle Quezada drop references to Shakespeare, Jane Eyre, and Animal Farm in a pitch-perfect revision of “Ni**as in Paris,” the standout single from Kanye West and Jay-Z’s collaborative album, Watch the Throne. There’s even a brief tribute to “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast, the “OG lady in a bookshop and in Paris,” as noted in the video’s summary.  

Check these sample lyrics:

Read so hard, I memorize, The Illiad… I know lines.
Watch me spit, classic lit, epic poems that don’t rhyme.
War and Peace, piece of cake, read Tolstoy in 3 days.
Straight through, no delays.
Didn’t miss a word. Not one phrase

Reportedly filmed in one day, the video has already clocked more than 130,000 views since being uploaded March 19, a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that this is the YouTube channel’s first and only offering.

“I usually get irritated when people say something like ‘OMG THIS SONG IS SERIOUSLY MY LIFE’ but now I have to be one of those people,” wrote incrdiblydeadlyviper in a top comment.

“I. Am. So. In Love,” added sabbathmcfreely

What makes the duo’s parody so effective though, is their incredible attention to the nuances and delivery of the original, like West’s guttural ‘ahhh’ and the brief pause that breaks up the lines “My Little Birds is getting stares” and “This print’s rare.”

In other words, that shit cray.


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*First Published: Mar 22, 2012, 11:00 am CDT