YouTube right now! “50 Shades of Grey – The Musical”

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50 Shades of Grey just might be the most polarizing book of the year. Some hate it, some love it, and some won’t admit they love it. Now there’s a YouTube video to illustrate the controversy—in musical form.

Composed by Antonius Nazareth and directed and edited by his brother, Vijay, “50 Shades of Grey – The Musical” shares three people’s opinions about E.L. James’ softcore bestseller. Watch as a horny housewife, a feminist careerist, and a random guy share their thoughts.

Under the moniker AVbyte, the Nazareth brothers compose a new musical each week on topics as varied as First World Problems to YOLO. But regardless of their up-to-the-minute subjects, each musical has a classic, Gilbert and Sullivan-era sound.

New world topics but old world showtunes. It’s a juxtaposition that makes a mini-musical about 50 Shades of Grey just classy enough to show to your parents.

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Lauren Rae Orsini

Lauren Rae Orsini

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