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WWE’s Kane wins mayor’s race in Tennessee

Kane will be mayor.


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For over 20 years, Glenn Jacobs has played the role of the demon Kane in the WWE. But “The Big Red Machine” pulled off a victory last night thanks to voting machines. Now, the Undertaker’s fictional brother will be the next mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

The WWE star and future Hall of Famer won his bid for mayor after figuratively choke-slamming his opponent, Democratic nominee Linda Haney, collecting twice as many votes after all the ballots were counted. This was a much different outcome than Jacobs’ Republican primary win back in May. He defeated County Commissioner Brad Anders by just 23 votes.

Jacobs didn’t shy away from his in-ring career during his run for mayor. His campaign slogan, “Lighting the way for our future,” was even a tongue-in-cheek nod to his professional wrestling past. The origin story of Jacobs’ in-ring persona involves fire and a childhood accident. The former three-time world champion even used his WWE entrance music during his acceptance speech.

According to ESPN, Jacobs has been a Tennessee resident for the last twenty years and he and his wife run an insurance company and work in real estate.

Jacobs isn’t the first WWE star to run for political office. Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura is the biggest mat star turned politician. Ventura’s political career kicked off as mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Linda McMahon, the wife of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, unsuccessfully ran for Senate in Connecticut on two different occasions. She is now President Donald Trump’s small business administrator. Jerry “The King” Lawler ran for mayor of Memphis, Tennessee on two separate occasions. The self-proclaimed “King of Memphis” lost both times.

Jacobs will officially become mayor of Knox County on Sept. 1.

As for his in-ring career, Kane has made occasional appearances in the WWE over the last few years and the 51-year-old hasn’t ruled out climbing into the squared circle a few more times, so long as it doesn’t conflict with his new gig.


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