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Bill Murray allowed to steal back Wu-Tang album from Martin Shkreli, says contract

Someone please make this happen.


Audra Schroeder


Yesterday, the Internet collectively shuddered as we learned that Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO/’80s-movie bully Martin Shkreli had purchased the single copy of Wu-Tang Clan‘s long-awaited album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, for a reported $2 million. But some good news has come out of this reality-collapsing situation. 

Twitter user Rob Wesley posted part of the “contract” for the album yesterday, and it was also picked up on Reddit

According to this definitely fake but amazing contract, during a period of 88 years, the seller can, at any time, attempt to steal back the album in a “caper” or “heist,” which would return rights back to the seller. This heist can only be carried out by active Wu-Tang members or Bill Murray, naturally. 

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As many people on Twitter have already stated, a heist film starring Bill Murray and Wu-Tang Clan is the best movie that’s not being made right now.

They already started filming in 2002.  

Shkreli had no comment as to the caper clause. But sometimes, when the Internet wishes hard enough, things like this come true. 

Hopefully Section 36 leaks next. 

Update 3:07pm CT, Dec. 11: Wu-Tang producer and rapper RZA has addressed the viral, fake post. And while it doesn’t change the contract, he certainly appears to have second thoughts about who his project was sold to.

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