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Are podcasts next for Spotify?

Spotify could be jumping on the podcast wagon.


Audra Schroeder


On Friday, the news of Spotify and Uber’s eventual integration started making the rounds. It’s rumored that Uber will be adding Spotify to its mobile app, so passengers could play personalized playlists during rides. Now, it looks like Spotify might also be getting into podcasts.

According to TechCrunch, a new podcast feature was “uncovered in a developer build of the app.” A screenshot shows a new podcast label under the top lists and new releases sections. TechCrunch allegedly found this new feature via developer Ethan Lee, who was quoted as saying, “My take is that they are releasing it as a response to users’ requests and to become a full-blown iTunes competitor on more than the music front.”

It should also be noted that Spotify often experiments with features before larger rollouts. Even though the podcast feature exists, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will debut to a larger audience. However, it would make sense for Spotify to flex its muscle there. The success of podcasts like Serial shows just how sought after—and lucrative—podcasts have become. The Uber-Spotify alliance could have implications here as well, in terms of how the service is integrated into vehicles, a popular setting for podcast-listening. 

When asked for comment, a Spotify rep offered the same statement as they did TechCrunch:

“We’ve had spoken word content in our catalogue for quite a while now, highlighted in the “Word” section within Browse. In order to keep improving Spotify, we are always testing new things to our different platforms and to various user groups. We don’t have any more information to share right now—but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.”

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