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‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant confuses flamenco with flamingo—and loses $7K

His face says it all.


Tess Cagle


Word to the wise, everyone: if you plan to compete on Wheel of Fortune, make sure you’re prepared to not only spell everything correctly but pronounce everything right, too.

A contestant on last night’s episode, named Jonny, missed out on a massive amount of money when he mispronounced a word he’d spelled out on the board. The board read, “Flamenco Dance Lessons,” but Jonny said “Flamingo Dance Lessons.”

Jonny was buzzed for having the incorrect answer, so fellow contestant Ashley easily won instead—costing him a whopping $7,100. Jonny’s face says it all as the show host tells him about the mistake he made.

Footage shared on Twitter showed that this was Jonny’s second major mistake of the evening. Earlier in the show, he couldn’t figure out the two missing letters on the board that seemed fairly easy to viewers.


People watching the show shared their mixed reactions of frustration, amazement, and shock.





Apparently, the last puzzle answer of the episode last night summed up everyone’s feelings perfectly. It was, “What Just Happened.”

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