This online quiz challenges you to guess what the hell Desiigner is saying in his raps


Screengrab via DesiignerVEVO/YouTube

Grab some headphones and put your Desiigner translating skills to the test.

Translating Desiigner‘s raps to actual verbiage is near impossible. We find ourselves asking, “WTF IS HE SAYING?!” every time “Panda” blares on the radio or when he hits a freestyle session. But now, there’s a game you can play that will help you master deciphering the Desiigner code. 

“What is Desiigner singing?” is an interactive quiz that provides a series of music clips for listeners to translate. There are five rounds, five seconds to choose the correct words, and only three lives. The clips vary in difficulty with some easier to crack than others. But remember, you’re crunched on time to make your best guess with no option to replay a clip.

This isn’t the first time the rapper has perplexed us. In his XXL freestyle, it looks like he’s mumbling some voodoo magic about “Fairly Odd Parents”‘ Timmy Turner. Either way, we can use our time wisely by playing the game or watching videos to try and understand the foreign language that is Desiigner. 

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