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“Warriors of Goja” seek and destroy

Think America's Got Talent? Watch India's "Warriors of Goja" slay everything in their path. 


Kevin Morris


Posted on Nov 23, 2011   Updated on Jun 3, 2021, 1:01 am CDT

How long does it take for a viral video to spread from India to China and then the rest of the Internet world? It’s instantaneous, apparently.

“Warriors of Goja” are some kind of masochistic Indian cult—er, sorry, group of reality show contestants. They recently performed on an Indian talent show called Adhurs: The Ultimate Talent Show, which is apparently an Indian version of America’s Got Talent (minus Sharon Osbourne and that guy from CNN).


The performance basically consists of the “warriors” attempting to kill each other with sundry items, including but not limited to: Fluorescent light bulbs, fire, a car, themselves, and Sharon Osbourne. (Okay, that last one is most likely not true, but there’s so much going on in this video it’s hard to keep track.)

The judges of the show react with equal parts disgust, horror, and admiration as they watch the violence, then rise to applaud the wounded warriors after the act’s denouement.

According to China Web culture site ChinaSmack, they’re not the only ones applauding. The video has recently become a huge hit on the Chinese web.  “Hundreds of copies” of the video have recently been uploaded to China’s popular video sharing websites, ChinaSmack reports, and “many copies having already accumulated hundreds of thousands of views.”

So how long until the “Warriors of Goja” conquer the rest of the world’s Internet? Some U.S. outlets are already picking up the video, which has already clocked 3 million views on YouTube. And, according to one comment translated by ChinaSmack, the invasion is unstoppable. 

“Humankind can no longer stop [the Indians]” Yun Le wrote on Sina Weibo.

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*First Published: Nov 23, 2011, 6:12 pm CST