Vixx Hades

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Starlights, this is not a ‘Fantasy.’

After almost two straight weeks of teasers, K-pop group Vixx is finally here with a dark, new music video.

Beginning Aug. 4, the six-member boy band has dropped teaser photos and music sneak peeks leading up to today’s release for the “Fantasy” music video. Somewhat unconventionally, the group digitally released its new album Hades three days ahead of the music video, building up the hype even more. 

For this comeback, Vixx takes on the sinister concepts it’s known and loved for, placing its members in a foggy, thorn-ridden forest. They’re desperately searching for a girl who is “just a fantasy.” 

The iconic piano riff of “Moonlight Sonata” calmly leads the track with a sensuous beat and smooth vocals layered on top. Following a short buildup, the chorus drops with sharp, high-pitched strings and vocals to contrast the initial deep, brooding vibes of the verses.

Hades brings the boys back to what they arguably do best—intense, dramatic music and theatrical choreography. The group is known to cycle between dramatic, cinematic videos and lighthearted or catchy, sometimes cute concepts. With tracks like “Error“, “Eternity“, and “Voodoo Doll,” it’s clear that Vixx has seen the most success with darker side of life. The latter earned them their first win ever on a music show back in 2013, however.

To go along with the title track are two more singles: “Love Me Do” and “Butterfly Effect”, as well as a “Fantasy” instrumental on the EP. Vixx will be promoting “Fantasy” this month on Korean music shows. The group celebrated its four year anniversary in May.

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