Mega-popular Vine stars join cast of Fox’s digital-only feature film ‘Mono’

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Screengrab via Fox

So many teens!

Fox Digital Studios announced Thursday that its movie Mono, starring a powerhouse lineup of Viners and YouTubers, will hit Netflix and iTunes on July 8.

The comedy follows a group of high school students after a wave of mono “removes the most popular kids for two months…allowing the outcasts to reign supreme.”

Mono‘s cast includes traditional teen actors like Sam Lerner (The Goldbergs), Ty Parker (Fresh off the Boat), and Sarah De La Isla, but it also features a bunch of digital media heavy hitters, like Christian DelGrosso (7.5 million Vine followers), Brandon Bowen (3.3 million), Jake Paul (5 million) and Eric Ochoa (2.3 million YouTube subscribers).

Only time will tell if the boys’ enormous audiences boost the movie’s performance online, but if fan tweets are any indication, the answer is “probably.” 

H/T Variety

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