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Frugal Dad says video games are really good for you. Really! 

Fact: Video gaming is good for you.

Video games increase hand-eye coordination, improve literacy, strengthen your marriage, and even help during therapy. As Jane McGonigal argued in a March 2010 Ted Talk, video games make the world a better place.

Frugal Dad, a blog that ordinarily covers money-saving measures, gathered all the data proving how helpful video games are and illustrated them in a pretty infographic published March 29.

Did you know 76 percent of married couples who played role-playing video games (RPG’s) said it had a positive effect on their marriage? Forget marriage counseling!

Or, how about the handy fact that surgeons who play video games are 27 percent faster, and make 37 percent fewer mistakes, than their non-video game playing counterparts?

Gaming is good for you

Source: Frugal Dad


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